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When Life Breaks You

Sometimes, life breaks you, no matter how good or talented you are. Those things you were not expecting to happen could happen, and they will break you down.

Those things could break your spirit, your heart, and your emotions. They will leave marks but how you react is what makes the difference.

When Life Breaks You Quote

You can either grumble or be grateful because every time you are broken, you can either fall apart or see an opportunity to get stronger, better, faster, and more resilient.

So, you just have to decide to find a reason to keep going. No matter how difficult, you will always find a reason to continue going. Everybody experiences tragedy and trials, and only the strong survive. So, stay strong!

God’s Love

Two sets of people shape our lives – those that love us and those that don’t. However, those are not the people we should focus on.

The most profound three-word sentence is “God is love.” He does not try to love; that is what he is. He loved the world so much that he gave his son.

God’s love quotes

Now, no matter who loves, your God’s love is the best because it is the “In Spite of” kind of love. You don’t want to dwell on the “If” or “Because” kinds of love.

God loves you regardless of anything about you or whatever you might have done. So dwell on that and revel in that love!

Fighting Depression

Depression is one of the natural parts of the process of becoming stronger. Life may get too monstrous for you to cope with; it may be too stressful, and you just want to drop out of the whole rat race.

One thing you should note is that life is hard and challenging, and you just need to go through each day thinking about what you can achieve tomorrow and the next and the day after.

Fighting Depression Quote

It is an effective formula to help you get through life’s difficulties. And while it may seem like everything is dark around you, always choose to see the light.

What you can do is bare all your vulnerabilities and fight that problem.

Success is a Decision

It’s easy to fail at what you don’t want because success is a commitment. Whatever you truly want, and want to succeed at doing will get your full commitment, determination, and efforts.

Because whatever you are doing, there will be hard times, and you will want to quit. Many people have chosen the paths they are on out of fear, which they claim to be practicality, but that is not really what they want to do.

What they want is out of their reach so, they never ask the universe for it. However, they can get these things if only they are willing to give it all it takes.

You really can get anything done if you set your heart to it. Self-discipline is what brings any dream to life!

Do it for you

Your life is 100% your responsibility, and you should never wait for anyone to come to save you or fix you or even help you.

Only you have the power to do things that will move your life forward. Everyone is battling with their problem, and no one will fight for you or shed tears for you.

So, whatever is happening in your life is on you, and you need to understand that changing your mindset to take this responsibility is the only thing that can make all the difference.

Stay accountable to those things in your control and take charge of your life!