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Month: December 2019


Do you have goals you want to accomplish, but you are finding it difficult to make them happen for various reasons?

Is it time, money, energy, or not enough sleep? Or are you the reason you are not doing what you are supposed to do? The truth is all of these are excuses, and to you who is making them, they sound really good. But what you really should be focusing on is fighting off all those things that are stopping you from doing things.

You need to be able to dust off and get off the pity party and sob stories. Put in the time, put in the work, and you will get results.

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Life is dynamic, and nobody has control over those changes. Sometimes things go well, and sometimes they do not. Things will not always go as we want, and it is during those times that things are not going exactly the way we want that growth happens.

When everything is going well, you can be happy and have large visions. But when things are taking a downturn, being able to keep your head high, stay focused, and motivated are the things that make growth happen.

This is the point at which you evaluate yourself. That problem that you are going through are you going through it or growing through it? Access the situation and learn from it.


“The strategy for changing the world is not large meetings; it is small groups that are committed to intensive transformation.” In the story of Jesus and his disciples, when he fed the multitude, after the miracle, 70 people decided to follow him.

Jesus was not excited as he should, but instead, he was wary. This is because not everyone was interested in putting in work to make a change happen. Many of them were interested in the benefits and the fact that they would get free food.

This philosophy applies to personal leadership. To achieve change and transformation, all that is needed is a small group of like-minded individuals who truly want to achieve that change. Too many cooks spoil the broth. You do not need a lot of people to make positive change happen.

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Persistence is a critical factor for success. For anyone to be successful, different factors come into play, and they are purpose, passion, plan, people, and persistence. With persistence, you can insist on going after your goals without distractions, oppositions, detours, and determents.

In every case, good things and great things do not come to anyone by themselves. For you to get anything done, you have to go out, make it happen, and get it done. Now, that does not happen easily; there will be problems and setbacks, but the desire and will to keep going is a result of persistence. Only the persistent achieve their goals!

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There is never enough time. With the way time passes swiftly, nobody should dwell on indecision and vacillation. If you fail to make use of time judiciously, that time is gone, and time, once gone, can never be regained. Tomorrow is not guaranteed for anyone; so, why push what you can do today till later?

For everyone’s life, there is going to be a night, and when this night comes, no one will be able to work. Celebrating life is not about the length of it but the quality of it. So, make good use of the time you have so that you do not look back with regrets wishing you had done more.

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