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Month: January 2020


When you fail, the first step is getting over yourself. Understand that it’s not about you; find out why you failed and work on them. And if there is a task that you must execute, do not focus on the parts that you can do.

You should aim for those that you cannot do because the curiosity to learn how to get something done makes you realize that you can do some things that you never thought you would be able to do.

Also, if you must give up or leave the scene, make sure it is on your terms. Never let circumstances determine your decisions.

Winners Don’t Make Excuses Quotes

  1. Winners don’t make excuses when the other side plays game
  2. let me tell you folks, you can’t make any progress if you wake up and start your day with excuses.

Watch Mindset of a Winner by Kobe Bryant


Time and change are the two powers that every human being has to deal with daily, and nobody has control over either of them. They are also the two components that are most difficult to manage.

The summary of your life is expressed in how you used time and change. Anything you become is a result of how you used your time and managed the changes that came along in your life.

You exist to fulfill a destiny, and you must do that within a specific period. Whether you fulfill that purpose or not depends on how well you use your time because you do not have forever to fulfill your purpose.


Everyone has got wishes, but the way through it is to figure out the next right move. When challenges hit, the way to get through the challenge is to ask yourself, “What is the next right move?” You should not be dwelling on the challenge and wish it did not happen.

Figuring out the next right move is crucial to progress as it positions you on part to success.

Folks, your life is not defined by that one challenging moment. The only thing failure should do; is to point you in a different direction of doing things.

I will advise you to stop focusing on what you don’t have instead, focus on what you have and be grateful for them. Then, keep doing and stop wishing.


To change your life, change your behavior, achieve your goals, and make your dream a reality, you must step up. Many people go through life without discovering what their talents are and what they are capable of.

When you see a successful person, and you go on admiring them, always have this in mind that the success they are enjoying is the product of the work they have put in.

People are rewarded publicly for the work they have done privately. Next time you start pondering why you can’t afford the good things of life, you have to sit up, cast away your doubts, and start working.


Rejection is the sense of being unwanted. You believe people do not love you because you do not feel their love. You have been abandoned by your father, mother, siblings, husband, wife, boss, friend, or business partner.

You have experienced betrayal from one or more persons closest to you, and you seem to be unable to get over it. The pain of rejection cannot be avoided, but you can choose not to allow that pain to ruin the rest of your life.

Do not park at the point of your pain because Jesus was rejected too. In the face of rejection, focus on achieving your purpose, and just maybe, at the end of the day, you will be better for it.